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The School of Flaunt Handbook
Alexandra Smythe
Cate Clarke


  • These Etiquette and Deportment Divas share their insights with cheeky humor and many personal stories. Some might say even deliciously sordid!
  • The Divas of Good Taste, Alexandra and Cate, can best be described as your advice givers extraordinaire. And trust us you can take their advice and information to the bank!
  • With tips on everything from clothes, your home and even how to light your fire in the boudoir these Divas of Good Taste bring back into vogue fabulous flaunt!


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Another fabulous review from author Connie Reeves Cooke, Fade to Dark and Cayman Heat! Autographed copies of The School of Flaunt Handbook can be ordered by contacting either Alexandra Smythe or Cate Clarke


I received the book and appreciate your sending it so much! I have been reading it and just love it. The humor and the fact that you and Cate lived the lifestyle you write about is just classic! Well done and a fun read!  Cheers!

"The School of Flaunt Handbook is a symphony of Bling Bling and Kling Kling!  My head was ringing from all the information garnered from this book! Anyone who wants to have fabulous "Star" style then this book is for you!"  Ed Asner, Emmy award winning actor.


Famed Interior Designer Barry Darr Dixon says, "Curl up on one of my sofas and read The School of Flaunt Handbook. You'll love it!"

This is the perfect read for:

  • Everyone who needs a refresher course in flaunt fabulous living!

  • Those who have more money than sense!
  • Your tacky in-laws!
  • The dirt bike riding neighbor that drives you crazy!
  • Your sister in law who has had too much plastic surgery or might need it!
  • The husband or boy friend that embarrasses you! You know who we are talking about!
  • Anyone who is still stuck in the nightmarish taste of the 80s and 90s!
  • And lastly for all who have a
    sense of humor!

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A sample of some of the books lessons:

  • Lesson One: Wardrobe ... "From Runway to Reality"
  • Lesson Four: Votre Maison ... "All Gated Communities are not Created Equal"
  • Lesson Six: School of Flaunt Attitude, Manners & Etiquette... "Are You Behaving Badly?"
  • Lesson Ten: Montessori to Med School ... "Only the Strong Survive"
  • Lesson Fifteen: Amour or Affair de Coeure! ... "We want to light your fire"

The School of Flaunt Handbook has 264 pages filled with fabulous flaunt tips, quizzes and illustrations which have been provided by noted designer Joel Woodard. Nothing is left to your imagination!

Improving your life style can not only be fun but believe the Divas it will open a new world filled with opportunities for you! With their advice the best invitations and flaunt fabulous living await you!

Trust the Divas on this, the rich do have more fun and you can be part of it! WHY GO THROUGH LIFE AS ORDINARY, WHEN IT IS JUST AS EASY TO BE EXTRAODINARY!

Now throw out those other books and join us at the School of Flaunt to learn all the fine points of how to dress, walk, talk (en Français), play, live and yes, be interesting to all.

In short, from "Womb to Tomb" the Divas of Flaunt will be your beacons of Good Taste and get you out of your ugly daily rut of a dull and boring life style!

We congratulate each and every one of you that desire to improve your image and your life!

Now fasten your seat belts students for it might be a bumpy flight!

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