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Biography of Cate Cadbury-Clarke

Cate Cadbury was born in the Cotswold's, the only daughter of a Chocolate Baron, Cleland Cadbury and his lovely wife, Clarissa. Cate spent her very early childhood as many British upper class children do, replete with nannies, nurses and doting parents with lots of candy. Oddly, Cate has perfect teeth!

At a very young age she developed a keen interest in everything American and would skip and whistle through the house to Yankee Doodle Dandy! Cate started to beg her parents to let her visit her "Yank" relatives in the states. Finally Cleland and Clarissa acquiesced and sent her for that visit.

This was a major life changer, for at the end of the summer Cate asked her parents if she could stay in the states, and promised that she would attend a posh private school. Of course it had an equestrienne training facility which she knew would make her Mummy happy, for the love of Dressage does run in the family. But it still took many phone calls, tears and cajoling for Cleland and Clarissa to finally say yes.

Alas a few years later, her driver's license and new Mustang convertible turned her into a total Yank. To her parents chagrin she wanted to attend an American university to study art and design. Now she was a Yank through and through and most vestiges of her British background were gone including her Brit accent which was very upsetting to Clarissa. One thing remained though her love of scones and clotted cream!

Cate would return to England for visits on a frequent basis and always used this as an excuse to travel Europe too. This was how she met Alexandra Braithwaite.

The story of their meeting goes down in the history books of the Paris Ritz Carlton! Alexandra Braithwaite sashayed into the Tea Room of the Ritz with her 747 crew. They had been bumped from the large hotel chain where they usually spent their layovers and were "upgraded" to the Ritz Carlton. When Cate watched these people, she was intrigued by the slick uniforms and attractive men and women entering the lobby. She asked one bright woman who they worked for, and the rest is history!

Cate and Alexandra spent the rest of the morning chatting and drinking "Crew Tea" in the lobby bar. The Ritz staff snapped photos of the two young beauties celebrating and entertaining their fellow guests at the hotel. Unfortunately, these photos have since disappeared after having spent many years on the walls of the lobby bar. However, the senior staff who are still working at the Ritz remember the twosome oh so well, and they still look forward to their arrival together. More importantly though, this chance French meeting is how the "School of Flaunt" was born!


Cate Cadbury-Clarke did indeed join Alexandra and became a Flight Attendant with The Major International Carrier. So, prior to Private Jets coming into vogue, Alexandra and Cate traveled in the First Class World, meeting and greeting the top celebrities, politicians who would become Presidents, nouveau riche, and yes the occasional Headline Grabbing Criminal in Handcuffs! What the two ladies viewed and experienced became fodder for the School of Flaunt, so much money, such bad taste and such poor manners. Something had to be done! Hence, The School of Flaunt Handbook was born.

Cate has since become an American Citizen and resides in the US with her family, and is in constant contact with her BFF, Alexandra.

Biography of Alexandra Braithwaite-Smythe

Alexandra Braithwaite-Smythe learned the lessons of good taste from her family. As her mother, Mrs. Cornelius Braithwaite, often told her from the time that she was a young girl, "you can always tell the nouveau riche. They have to tell you about how much money they spent on everything. Alexandra's mother would continue with the comment: "it is so déclassé. You automatically know they do not come from old money."

Remember, "old money, quiet money" have their own language. As her Great Aunt said when she was throwing a social soiree, whether a small children's birthday party or an event for 100's and wanted it splashed across the society pages, "it is not what you say but how you say it. Even if you are only having a small birthday party it should always be written up as a grand affair." This thought would remain with her forever.

As Alexandra watched her mother navigate through the Ladies Symphony Club, President of this and that organization and always politically active; she knew how to move in the very best circles. Starting out, at a young age, it was a must in her high school to join a Sorority, so naturally she did. Then to be a mover and shaker in college again you needed to be in a college Sorority. So she sought out the best one on campus to pledge, known for not only their beauty but brains. Both would open those social doors and also prove to be beneficial later in life.

After graduating from college with a number of honorariums; Alexandra could have gone in a number of directions. But she was a free spirit and as a lark one day, she decided to become an International Flight Attendant for a major airline, and we might add here that Mrs. Cornelius Braithwaite did not approve! As she told her daughter, "why do you think we spent all of that money on your college education? What will our friends think?" Surprisingly her father pulled her aside and said, "Don't worry about your Mother. I'll handle this; you go and have a good time." And that is what she did!


Alexandra followed in the family footsteps and became active in charitable groups, clubs and Boards, but from her adventures and experiences when she saw the "nouveau riche" and "not so rich," up close and personal, she knew they needed her help. This was the birth of the School of Flaunt with her co-writer and partner in "good taste," Cate Clarke.


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