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The School of Flaunt

Back when "Flying Was Fun" Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke were Flight Attendants with a Major International Carrier. Prior to Private Jets coming into vogue, Alexandra and Cate traveled in the First Class World, meeting and greeting the top celebrities, politicians who would become Presidents, nouveau riche, and yes the occasional Headline Grabbing Criminal in Handcuffs!

What the two ladies viewed and experienced became fodder for the School of Flaunt, so much money, such bad taste and oh those terrible manners. Something had to be done! Hence, The School of Flaunt Handbook was born. Read More

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What to do when you receive” Nasty Grams” by E-mail, Facebook, Instagram or Text?

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Published: Sunday, April 13, 2014





What to do when you receive" Nasty Grams" by E-mail, Facebook, Instagram or Text?

Recently a friend of ours has received some very nasty e-mail messages. They were totally rude and not worth the time to even respond to. But the sender naturally didn't take the "non" response well. In fact that inflamed the sender of said nasty grams even more. She was not getting the desired reaction. The receiver was not snapping at the bait! A war of words was not in the making. Her plan to make you look foolish was not working.

The sender then had to send another e-mail chastising said receiver for not responding. Why would one want to respond to someone who is obviously looking for a fight? Let alone put something in writing! A small aside here, NEVER put something in writing that you don't want the whole world to know about. Even it is only a 140 character Tweet! We know how those Tweets can instantly bounce around between millions and the calm, cool, and collected exterior that you want the world to see will now be ruined! This also goes for Instagram pictures of you possibly giving the person the "International Sign of Good Will." Think about it. You know what we mean. That is really poor form! And lastly, never leave a recorded message. That should go without saying but sometimes in a moment of frustration it has happened.

We ask you School of Flaunt students, what would you do if you received a nasty gram by e-mail, etc.?

A. Ignore it

B. Vent and tell them what you really thought of them

C. Send their nasty gram out on Facebook so that everyone could read it

D. Have your attorney call them

E. Refer them to the School of Flaunt Handbook

F. Make sure they are black listed for all social events

G. Send them the name of a psychiatrist

H. Research their property and hope that there was a Notice of Default

I. Call us and have a good laugh over poor manners

J. Send them some dead flowers with a note wishing them a nice day

We feel sure that you can come up with some other "brilliant" fun ideas as to how to handle such nasty grams! But having said that, we have spoken with a number of our School of Flaunt followers and they all agree that one must take the high road, so the answer is A. Ignore it!! We at The School of Flaunt, couldn't agree more. Whether it be a nasty comment, article, slight, ugly encounter please just walk away. And here is the best advice: Keep walking!! Distance yourself and your loved ones from any negative or nasty behavior. It can all too quickly encompass you and suck you down. A vortex you don't want to be in!

Sooooo, just walk away from all troubling messages and tacky individuals. This is difficult if family but there too distance is best. We are not saying go lame on your responsibilities for family. Arrange for care, etc. but try to keep yourself positive and above the fray.

Keep Smiling and Stand Tall,

Alexandra and Cate

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