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The School of Flaunt

Back when "Flying Was Fun" Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke were Flight Attendants with a Major International Carrier. Prior to Private Jets coming into vogue, Alexandra and Cate traveled in the First Class World, meeting and greeting the top celebrities, politicians who would become Presidents, nouveau riche, and yes the occasional Headline Grabbing Criminal in Handcuffs!

What the two ladies viewed and experienced became fodder for the School of Flaunt, so much money, such bad taste and oh those terrible manners. Something had to be done! Hence, The School of Flaunt Handbook was born. Read More

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Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2014








Be discreet. Or better yet, be quiet! We do not need to hear your private conversations. You understand that - right? We are hearing things about your life, that maybe if you thought about it, you would not want aired in public. Think before speaking on that cell phone!

We've all been there. Seated in a public area and out come the phones!! Many of you are reading or playing games on your smart phones. You aren't bothering anyone with this harmless act. But then that phone rings, and the nonstop talking, laughing and knee slapping begins. You think, "Well, I'm on a bus or train commuting to work. What harm is there in a phone conversation." Well, we are here to tell you that you are annoying!

You seem to have forgotten that we do not care about your mother's recipe, or when Aunt Jenny is coming, and least of all your recent knee surgery details. ICK! And you may add to this list, your children's successes, husband's gifts, or how your boss is having an affair!! Well, that might be titillating but still very bad form on your part! We repeat, we do NOT care about your personal life or business! Do this type of talking in a private place. Go back to playing a game or using your cell phone to catch up on the news. Some of us would like a little peace and quiet. We might like to be reading a book on our Kindle without your incessant babbling in the background!

NEWS FLASH: Many Private Clubs are using old Phone Booths for just this type of phone service. Recently I answered my phone in a Club Lobby and was quickly swept to an empty phone booth. (The gentleman didn't realize that I wasn't speaking to anyone but just listening to a message, but I learned a valuable lesson.) Please use common sense and inside voices when answering your cell in public. Quickly go to a private area or say you will phone them back when you can speak privately. Now, that wasn't too hard, was it?

Continuing on, let us address restaurant/ cell phone etiquette. No one should be speaking on the phone in a restaurant. WE REPEAT HERE! NO ONE! If your guest is late, text them! Capish?

Here is a true story about a restaurant/ cell phone experience. Please be seated because you might feel faint with this one. A table of three women was seated next to us. They were nicely dressed, reviewing their menus and discussing what they would order. When, RING, RING, a cell phone starts, it's like Lorelei calling. She couldn't resist! Could this one woman just let the call go to message? NO! She answers the phone in a loud voice. (Why does this always seem to happen on a cell phone call? Have we all gone deaf?) But instead of telling the person she will call them back, or better yet, left the table and gone outside or at least to the waiting area of the restaurant, she proceeds to go into a rant about her gynecological visit. Yes you read right! We over hear her laughing and saying, "Oh yes my VAGINA is just fine." As we sat there totally appalled, a table of two gentlemen who were also seated next to this group turned and stared at this woman. You know what she did? She looked at them and said, "I'm sixty five years old and I'll say anything I want."

We cannot make these stories up! Truth is always stranger than fiction, remember The Wolf of Wall Street. That is another blog on its own. But then we digress.

Keep those phones off the dining table. Nothing should be on a table e.i.: cell phones, glasses, tissues, etc. But having said that, we recently saw a group that all placed their cell phones in the middle of the table during lunch. If one person picked up their phone for any reason, they got the privilege of paying for the entire party's lunch! We confess that we did love that idea!!

Before we leave cell phone etiquette we must address the use of texting in a movie theater. You know that light your phone gives off when you are on it? IT IS ANNOYING TO EVERYONE AROUND YOU IN A DARK THEATER! You do not need to be texting your friends about anything during a movie, theatrical production, recital etc. Ever hear of intermission? And remember some people come packing to the theater and we aren't talking homemade popcorn here. Could be trouble!

Lastly, as we looked around while enjoying a fine dining experience recently, everyone was gaping at their phones!! What have we become? Does no one understand the fine art of conversation anymore? There is no APP for boring behavior tracker. Maybe we should get on that. You do realize you are boring?

Your Divas of Good Taste,

Cate Clarke & Alexandra Smythe

School of Flaunt Guide for Modern Manners


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