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Alexandra & The Duchess

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Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I just got a call from LB or as some might prefer to call her "The Duchess." We have a love hate relationship. I do love her for she is totally School of Flaunt. Fun, beautiful dressed and always the lady but I do hate her also. Why you ask? Because I prefer to be the tallest woman in the room and then LB arrives. Five foot nine in her stocking feet and the woman always has on a minimum of a 4 inch heel. If she could find a tennis sneaker with a wedge heel she might consider wearing it. Now that is a comical idea! LB would never be seen in tennis sneakers, possibly docksiders on her boat but never tennis sneakers. Her idea of casual footwear is a Manolo Blahnik flat! But that was what she was calling about! Manolo Blahnik has a "sequined pascalare over the knee boot" which she found at Neiman's! Oh I can see her now, entering the room with those on. The woman was born with a book on her head and walks like a model! She is a SOF Queen! And I really do love her even if she is slightly taller than me. More about LB later!


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