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The School of Flaunt

Back when "Flying Was Fun" Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke were Flight Attendants with a Major International Carrier. Prior to Private Jets coming into vogue, Alexandra and Cate traveled in the First Class World, meeting and greeting the top celebrities, politicians who would become Presidents, nouveau riche, and yes the occasional Headline Grabbing Criminal in Handcuffs!

What the two ladies viewed and experienced became fodder for the School of Flaunt, so much money, such bad taste and oh those terrible manners. Something had to be done! Hence, The School of Flaunt Handbook was born. Read More

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Cate's Vegan Cooking Class?

Category: SOF Divas’ Diaries ®  |  Permalink

Published: Friday, December 10, 2010

Piece de Resistance!

I just love those words. They sound so very French and they belong to a lovely store as well. A really Flaunt Fabulous store with cooking classes, tastings, and the very best of everything for the kitchen. So you can understand when my daughter wanted to take some "Vegan Cooking Classes" how excited I was to join in.

We arrived hungry and eager to taste the wonders of Brie and Apple Quiches accompanied with Maple Brussels Sprouts! What to our surprise did we see? Our Chef for the class was none other than Chef Louie from our Club! As we were seated, I noticed the Chef murmuring to his assistant. I waved to make a friendly connection and he ran over to distribute air kisses.

Chef: Mrs. Clarke ess thees your daughter? She is so beauuutiful! As he leered at her.

With this my daughter smiled, trying not to attract any attention and scooted down into her seat. Fiona is not only a classic beauty and very smart but she prefers to be under the radar for the most part since she studies banking and economics in Oxford. Veddy serious stuff. Why do I see a seat in Parliament's House of Lords in her future too? But I digress.

Chef Louie started the class which began with the Brie and Apple Mini Quiches. It was easy and so delicious. That was accompanied by the Maple Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkin Seed Cutlets and Eggplants in North South Sauce. I asked if this dish was Korean, but no one but my daughter got the joke.

As Chef Louie continued to dessert, I noticed he kept asking my daughter to help him and she was clearly not happy with all the attention. The dessert was placed in the oven and then it happened! Chef Louie standing directly behind my daughter started whispering in her ear and I saw his hand on her derrière.

Shall we say things were not going well? The girl tried to grab a glass of Pinot Grigio to throw in his face but her hand hit the skillet which then flew into the air and bobbed the middle aged man over the head. That sent the Brussels sprouts flying! I cringed as the maple laced veggies went airborne! Next in this domino effect were the Pumpkin Seed Cutlets, which landed on the matrons in the front row making them jump for cover under the tables. Screams and cries for help were ricocheting off the ceiling.

In all of this mayhem Chef Louie still tried for one last pat on Fiona's derrière while the manger of the store was enroute! He grabbed Chef Louie by his Fake French ear and threw him out the front door. Louie's French accent was long gone in his screaming protest!

Alas the meal was ruined, but the dessert of Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding was fantastic. We all shared our desserts with some lovely English Earl Grey tea and everyone actually started laughing while they were recounting how the Brussels sprouts flew through the air. Leaving the store we received a nice gift certificate for another class. However, I think I will go to Rachel Ray's class at Sur La Table.

Fiona has left for Oxford and all is well. Now who will do my catering?



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