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The School of Flaunt

Back when "Flying Was Fun" Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke were Flight Attendants with a Major International Carrier. Prior to Private Jets coming into vogue, Alexandra and Cate traveled in the First Class World, meeting and greeting the top celebrities, politicians who would become Presidents, nouveau riche, and yes the occasional Headline Grabbing Criminal in Handcuffs!

What the two ladies viewed and experienced became fodder for the School of Flaunt, so much money, such bad taste and oh those terrible manners. Something had to be done! Hence, The School of Flaunt Handbook was born. Read More

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Las Vegas Jewelry Show Searching For Trends by Elizabeth Bonanno

Category: Guest Writers  |  Permalink

Published: Thursday, June 24, 2010

Las Vegas Jewelry Show

Trends - Individual

Expression Wins


Searching For Trends  by Elizabeth Bonanno

My assignment was to report on what was trending this year at the Las Vegas Jewelry Shows. I found a lot of Bochic, green - green was everywhere, cocktail rings and bracelets/cuffs galore. Early on I found myself walking the isles slightly bored, looking for something to catch my eye. Amongst the waves of "pavé this and pavé that" - I found some true gems.
I'm starting with estate, as that's my true passion. In the antique show I found
Paul Fisher Inc., Neil Marrs and Thomas Farber to have the most beautiful pieces. All three estate houses share a commonality of high integrity, phenomenal jewelry as well as an unwavering passion for each and every piece they own. Talking with any one of them is like a history lesson, and you feel like a better person for having listened. Any time with Mr. Fisher is a true gift and I was generously blessed. If you grab the latest Robb Report - you'll find a great story about Paul Fisher and his wonderful family.  Interestingly enough, I spoke on a panel 'Selling Through Fashion' and the question to me was how to incorporate estate jewelry with what's currently trending. For me it's easy - these pieces were all highly fashionable at the time they were created, which makes them highly fashionable now. What hem length isn't currently in vogue? If I can wear a maxi-dress to the same cocktail party my friend is wearing a black sequenced cocktail mini - what defines what's in? Estate jewelry gives you the freedom to make your own statement in a world where luxury is almost pedestrian! Individual expression - that's what's trending most. Scroll over the images I've posted and you'll get great tid-bits of information about the beautiful pieces I discovered.
At the
Couture Show I fell in love. éclat blew me away with their use of color and quality of manufacturing. Entered into the Couture Design Awards was their Diamond, Pearl, Conch Pearl and Nefertiti, Tassel Sautoir. Ultra chic and the ultimate statement piece. Jean-François Albert had one of the most beautiful buff-top, 20.93ct Tanzanite I'd ever seen. It was velvety like a Kashmir sapphire but when viewed from the side showed all it's beautiful purple tones. This stone was like a piece of candy and I almost ate it. So damn delicious! Arman - who won the editor's choice award and the best in silver award - blew me away with his spectacular artistry with his ship earrings and finally Heather Moore won for best in gold with her inscribed cuff. For some reason, maybe my utter sentimentality, it was the work of Heather Moore that moved me the most. The gold, diamond and inscribed cuff is quite monumental, but it was walking up to her booth and talking with her staff that initially reeled me in. I eyed a gold globe on a long chain. It reminded me of a dear friend of mine and Bergdorf Goodman Fine Jewelry and Watch Buyer Abby Huhtanen. She has antique globe pendants from her grandmother, mother and one of her own. They're diamond studded with the places all the women had traveled. I think they're just stunning!  Heather had the same idea. Her globe necklaces are wonderful and this piece, as well as the rest of her line, encourages people to document their lives. At the age of 13 Heather's mother gave her a set of metal stamp letters and it wasn't until much later in life she knew what she would be doing with them. The kicker for me - when Heather first began her business her sister was preparing to go on a holiday ski trip. Thanking Heather for a wonderful gift, her sister wrote a note of love and encouragement. It would be the last thing she wrote to Heather, as she was killed in a skiing accident. The tragedy was enormous but Heather has since put the entire letter on the winning cuff. After hearing the story, I wanted to know every detail about the line. I spent loads of time talking with Heather and creating in my mind - my story. How would I tell it and what would it look like around my neck, on my wrist or hanging on my keychain? I just adore Heather as well as her entire staff! I also want to mention a new fav of mine - Jemma Wynne. I'm so loving the beautiful, delicate nature of their work and the fab manufacturing. I'm all about their bracelets and earrings right now. Jadore!
Wrapping up my week in Las Vegas let's talk about
The JCK Show. In AGTA I was privy to go on a buying excursion with Nicholas Varney. One of the stops was a 52ct, almost marble shaped cab, cats-eye aquamarine. It was breathtaking and I only wish I had my camera! The iPhone shot will have to do. Certainly, it doesn't capture the utter beauty of the stone. Christian Tse has a new line of watches that were more than I could have imagined. Last year we were introduced to their digital, all stone face watches which were so money. This year we get hit again with large faces, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones and...TITANIUM! It's a big, bold, beautiful look. I also feel deeply in love with the sliced, faceted sapphire drop earrings.  Last but not least - it's Victor Velyan. I know, you're shocked. So I'm biased, but he's a rock star and the entire jewelry world is beginning to realize it. The buzz around his booth was all about his absolute ingenuity and originality. It's pure and driven and every time I think I know what he's capable of - he blows my mind once again. I'm not quite sure what my favorite piece of the show was, but this time the white patina was slaying me! Judge for yourselves.
I want to thank my friend and co-workers for the wonderful dinners, parties and laughs.
Michelle Orman you are guilty of getting in the way of me doing my work! Pool side at The Wynn? Cabana lounging? Yummy lunches? Drinks? Pool side massages? You made the hard day a bit better -thanks Ms. Orman and Couture! Fisher gave me big fun at The Hard Rock, City Center and MGM. Good food, great laughs and gifts from Victor Velyan that made all of us happy to be alive! Neil Marrs and Noel Chhut - you're my new best friends! Sieks dancing, Nicholas Varney people watching and the best panel; albeit hung over, sick and tired - we pulled it out to a limited but receptive audience! Love you Victoria! Adore Pixlicious and her genius. Christina & Victoria Tse are the most! Love you Carl, my valet God at The Hard Rock! Adios Las Vegas. Until next year!
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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