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The School of Flaunt

Back when "Flying Was Fun" Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke were Flight Attendants with a Major International Carrier. Prior to Private Jets coming into vogue, Alexandra and Cate traveled in the First Class World, meeting and greeting the top celebrities, politicians who would become Presidents, nouveau riche, and yes the occasional Headline Grabbing Criminal in Handcuffs!

What the two ladies viewed and experienced became fodder for the School of Flaunt, so much money, such bad taste and oh those terrible manners. Something had to be done! Hence, The School of Flaunt Handbook was born. Read More

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Entertaining and Staffing

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Published: Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lesson Five Entertaining & Staffing

Entertaining should be an enjoyable experience for the best host and hostess as well as the guests! That means you must take several things into account when planning a party. Please note: No one in their cups!! Bad form that one.

First, have plenty of HELP, HELP, and HELP! Then decide who you are trying to impress: your family, friends, new neighbors or business associates? You can wow all of them, but we do not recommend combining said groups. Aunt Millie's favorite potato salad can get an A with the family but it could literally flunk out with the business caviar set. But on second thought little boiled new organic red skin potatoes filled with caviar and a small dollop of sour cream placed either on the side or carefully on the top does make for a delicious new form of potato salad. Yummy!

A little hint: If you are having cocktails and an orchestra on the lawn, please do not water your turf for two full days prior. This omits the possibility of your Jimmy Choo's sinking into the wet grass. Water your flower beds where needed.

There is so much material to cover in the fine art of the Soiree and Entertaining that will be addressed in Lesson Five of the School of Flaunt Handbook.

Tell us your party disasters! We need a laugh! The really good ones we will put on our Blog so that your fellow students in the School of Flaunt will know what to avoid! And they too need a laugh!

Party Planners Extraordinaire,

Smythe and Cadbury-Clarke

Champagne can only be described as the drink of true School of Flaunt (SOF)devotees! We are proud to announce that we are now drinking Armand De Brignac, Ace of Spades Champagne, which is produced by Armand de Brignac from Reims, France. The Cattier family, which has been in the Montagne de Reims Terrior since 1793, has simply outdone themselves with their latest Champagne called the Ace of Spades. It is packaged in a stunning gold bottle that was developed by Cattier for the Andre' Courreges fashion house. This beautiful gold bottle has a real pewter label and is packaged in a black wooden gift box, presented in an embroidered velvet bag! Served by the Queen of England at her Golden Jubilee Celebration and Jay Z in his Show Me What You Got video this hot new champagne is hard to come by and now has a cult following. So when someone says shall we have champagne with our dinner say, "Yes, let's do have some Ace of Spades."

If you want to throw a little more Flaunt around the room tell them it received a 98 points score from wine critic Jose Penin, 4.9 out of 5 from Champagne writer Kare Hallden, and 9 out 10 points from crictic Davor Putkovic. Just a SOF thought students.


This will work for me.... I remember back when I flew for TWA and was serving the meals in first class, we wined and dined our passengers. Also, if you are serving wine, remember never to chill red wine because it makes it bitter. You can chill white wine. I remember our crew doing this alot when we served the cheese and fruit plus wine baskets. Don't forget: Serve on your left, take the plates from your right.....I always make my guests feel welcomed like they are really flying. I also use Ace of Spades champagne as well! It's the best!!!! Loved this part....Rob


My Grandmother was the ultimate hostess. She made all her guests feel at ease and that is quite the gift.

Jessica Torrance

Dear Jessica:

This is the epitome of School of Flaunt! An excellent host or hostess is key when entertaining. I am sure your Grandmother was a lovely gracious woman. Thank you so much for this comment. Our mission is to bring back more graciousness to our lives.



I'm really enjoying the School of Flaunt website a lot!! It really is most helpful to remember that you can have the finer things in life. Rob Martin

Rob: Our goal for the School of Flaunt students is very simple: You can live life with style, grace and savoir vivre!



Another Mimism: Drinking Champagne should make you Bubbly NOT Babbly!


Amen Mimi, Amen!

Cate Cadbury-Clarke

Dear Mimi was always so insightful. There is nothing worse than a babbling in your cups female - well, maybe a babbling in their cups man? Both can ruin your party! Unfortunately I can remember a very in your cups Brit holding me hostage at a cocktail party with the most inane and totally incoherent stories. Finally Lord Smythe rescued me! As memory serves, me we got one of the staff to drive him home. The wife stayed and left later. They were removed from future guest lists. Attitude and Manners is covered in Lesson Six in the School of Flaunt (SOF) Handbook. But then we know Kat you have beautiful manners. Alexandra Smythe and Cate Clarke

Loved it! I think what you and Lady Alexandra wrote about really makes sense. The more help you have, the more your party will go smooth. My Mother was an excellent cook and wonderful hostess that anyone who would come into our home would be made welcomed and be a part of our family. Mother would always go around her guest and check on their... drinks, or if they needed any more appitizers,( Mother insisted on nothing but the best....cavier, cheese and fruit tray, and other fancy tidbits) The only funny story I have is when I was serving a whole tray of h'orderves and we had a kitchen swingin door....well, I was'nt paying attention and my sister came charging in the kitchen but as I was trying to step out, we both collided with me spilling the tray and getting cheese, cavier, and what ever else that was on the tray..... I smelt like a New York garbage truck!! LOL!! I stayed in the kitchen to clean up, and my sister and I had a good laugh!!!! Rob Martin


Lesson Five in the School of Flaunt: Entertaining and Staffing ... "The Fine Art of the Soiree of Al Fresco Luncheon." How do you set your table? We would love your thoughts and ideas about entertaining and your disasters too. Everyone needs a laugh! Go to www.schoolofflaunt.com and Blog with Lady Laexandra Smythe and Catherine Cadbury Clarke.


Absolutely! Woke up wishing I was in Milano. Since I was not, I created a meal reminicent of my favorite rest. near the Lago Maggiore: Penne al Arribiata w/ shrimp, crab & mussels. For dessert I broiled pears and served with gorgonzola & brandied praline sauce. I served a mango sorbet palate cleanser after the salad course. Great quality Italian bread and Pinot Grigio rounded out dinner, finished with espresso and brandy served in warmed snifter glasses. I imagined my home was a northern Italian villa adorned with fresco styled architecture. Anyone can create a "Flaunt" experience on a shoestring budget if they know how to shop wisely:-)

Yesterday at 11:02am

Oh absolutely devine! And you obviously realize exactly what we will be trying to teach our students in the School of Flaunt Handbook. May I post your comment on our Blog under entertaining? Air Kisses ;-) Alexandra

Yesterday at 1:02pm

Alexandra Smythe

Was just telling Lord James Smythe (Jim to his friends) about your outstanding dinner. He wants to be invited to your home. He too loves Lake Maggiore and either a good glass of Chianti or a Pinot Grigio! Here's to a little Flaunt in everyone's day.....

Yesterday at 1:08pm

Janet Thoma

Hi Alexandra, I have a thought about sharing a little "Flaunt" with children. If mom is fortunate to be at home when kids come home from school, serving cookies that have been warmed in the microwave on a warmed attractive plate with ice cold milk in chilled glasses. Warmed hand towels make sure little hands are cleaned. This will povide an opportunity to learn how their day went while sharing an afternoon snack with your most precious resource, your children. It is the special small moments in a childs life that create the fondest memories in their lives. Janet

Alexandra Smythe

Great suggestions! There is nothing like coming into a home that smells like fresh baked cookies. And I also appreciate the idea of a nice little hand towel for them too. Hand towels should "not" only be for the Guest Powder room. Children should know that there is more to life than paper towels and plates. Manners and conversation should start at a young age so that they are at "ease" in all social situations. One can never tell when you might have the next CEO or President of the United States sitting there telling you about their day. :-)

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